Paavo Heikkinen (39), Category Manager Woundcare

I came to Mediq; as many of us; via acquisition back in 2010. Quite soon I was given a great possibility to move from my home country Finland to Netherlands for two years. So February 2011 my family packed all the gear we had and left for new challenges in Netherlands.

In Netherlands I started to work as Category Manager Woundcare for our Klinion in-house brand. I analysed the portfolio and discussed with Mediq business units how to improve the product offering. After planning phase it was time to take some actions to implement new products to the portfolio and decrease the purchase prices of the existing portfolio.  Still today we work hard to improve the portfolio to win the battle with our competitors and increase the market share of Mediq in-house brands. Sometimes expiring patents of our competitors and other changes on the market give us new possibilities to extend our product portfolio.

At the moment I see more and more focus and effort to maximize the sales potential of Mediq in-house brands. This is great news. Personally I believe that it is vital for Mediq success to build superior portfolio for our customers consisting of right mix of both brand products and in-house brands. After all we need to beat not only our direct competitors but also offer better portfolio and service than our suppliers.

Working in Netherlands  truly gave a lot of value both me personally and also to company. It was great time and I will always remember it as a special period of my life. If you have ever possibility to live a period outside your home country, go for it!