Erika Pietilä, Key Account Manager

December 2010, in a random hospital: a nurse rushes to the storage room looking for a few products that she needs urgently in order to help a patient, and potentially save his life.

What was meant to be a simple routine task quickly turns into a challenging mission, as the storage room is unorganized and filled with products that do not belong there. The nurse has no idea where to find the products she is looking for. The whole situation is turning into a disaster, as the heartbeats of the patient are hopelessly fading away. In the meantime, a young woman, recently appointed as project manager, is in charge of developing a new, interesting business concept for the provision of assistance in product management and healthcare logistics. The concept is called AITTA, which is an old Finnish word describing a storehouse.

Four years later: the nurse doesn’t have to struggle anymore to find the right products in the storage room (that is now called AITTA). The room is organized, the products agreed upon are always in the right place in sufficient quantities, and the nurse can now concentrate on the actual nursing work. In real life, the situations are rarely as dramatic as in the beginning of the story. Still, the overall situation of healthcare is really challenging because of the extension of life expectancy and the aging population. The amount of nurses in Finland is limited, but many nurses still spend a lot of time carrying out supporting tasks –such as logistics and purchasing. My name is Erika and I’m the young woman in the beginning of the text who was working as project manager. As AITTA project manager and later on Key Account Manager, I have been there to develop, sell, and market AITTA. In Mediq Suomi we have a vision of the direction in which healthcare logistics should go in the future, and I am proud that we were the first to provide this kind of service in Finland. With a growing number of AITTA accounts we have been able to facilitate nursing work and resource allocation, and in that way we have made a great difference for many of our customers and their patients. 

AITTA integrated service puts together the following elements: 
• Advanced logistics 
• A dedicated team focused on finding and developing the best product assortment for our customers 
• An in-the-field presence to ensure a proper response to client needs.

In this way we not only help our clients to make a better usage of their internal resources, but we also strongly contribute to the strength of value chain, whereby the ultimate result is the delivery of high quality service to the patient, in a cost effective way. I believe AITTA is a great concept that improves the lives of many by providing the right amount of the best possible medical devices at the right time and in the right place. Time that used to be consumed by nurses in supportive activities can now be used to save lives and to increase the quality of lives of thousands of patients. I am writing this story to encourage people in different Mediq countries to develop new ideas and to share those ideas with their colleagues. Together we can make a huge positive impact for our clients, and for healthcare in general!