Boris Dubbeldam (30), Employee Accounts Receivable

“Committed to your care”. It’s not something that comes entirely naturally to us, really. We don’t interact much with the end-users of our products. We rarely get to speak to the man who depends on us for a safe night’s sleep. We are not able to bond with the mother of a child that needs our infusion pumps to survive. We don’t meet the families who walk into our pharmacies every day, and we are never able to experience the joy and gratitude of a customer whose quality of living we were able to improve. 

We are the Finance department of Mediq Tefa. We operate backstage of the show, content to exist in the shadows of Sales and Customer Service. It’s our job to collect on claims, and as a result, the times when we contact our customers are usually when their payments are overdue. Instead of talking to the grateful customer, we speak to the angry woman who feels that the amount on her bill was too high. 

We approach the big hospitals with complex structures where invoices are scattered across the organization, and we grind our teeth as powerful health insurers play fast and loose with contractual obligations. If we cannot sympathize with our clients directly, we must empathize through our colleagues. We must, because the consequences of our actions are too widespread for us to be able to function as a solitary entity. 

So we do exactly that: we communicate with our colleagues and find out what would happen to that man if we were to take away his breathing machine. We learn the negative effects of overzealous credit collection on hospital relations and future contracts, and we try to appreciate the intricacies of the insurance world. We talk to those who speak to our customers and constantly seek the mutual understanding that can unite us in our drive and purpose. 

As we learn more and more about the consequences of our actions, the weight of responsibility becomes heavier and heavier and yet, paradoxically, at the same time the burden on our shoulders becomes lighter and lighter. It’s because we can share that burden with our colleagues. And that, in our opinion, is the only way we can fully commit to the care of our customers. By taking advantage of the open nature of our organization, by going beyond the boundaries of our departments and by gaining that rare, organic synergy that defines us and truly sets us apart from the competition. THAT is how we commit, and that is why Mediq will always be a front runner in our industry!