Mission and vision

Our mission: Mediq is a trusted partner in healthcare, helping people to live their lives to the fullest potential.

Our vision on global changes in healthcare

We stand today at the brink of unparalleled demographic shifts that threaten assumptions of entitlement to treatment. Rapidly ageing populations and an accelerating incidence of chronic disease have far reaching implications for healthcare and pose enormous challenges: for us and for society.

At Mediq, we believe access to healthcare is a social right, but it is not a given. It can only be achieved if we continue to seek and develop new and innovative solutions that drive change for the better: improving patient outcomes and shifting patient care from hospitals to homes in order to keep healthcare affordable for all.

With our knowledge, expertise and international network comes great responsibility. We have the biggest impact when we bring our scale to bear on solving healthcare’s biggest challenges: bringing together healthcare insurers, governments, municipalities and healthcare professionals to create new solutions and approaches in treatments, care processes and logistics.

Our ambition is to be the leading international direct-to-patient player. We want to improve the lives of people living with chronic diseases. We are driven to reduce their need for hospital visits, ensuring care in their own livings environment and improving their treatment outcomes - all while lowering costs to keep their care affordable.

This is our promise to our stakeholders and society.